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The service provider with respect to the contents of this website as defined in § 5 of the German Interstate Tele Media Treaty is:


Radilostr. 43
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69 380364-0
Fax: +49 (0) 69 380364-6449
E-mail: kontakt(at)

CEOs: Klaus Schüler, Kai Löhde

Commercial registration: AG Frankfurt, HRB 26943
VAT-ID: DE114223343

Ancillary information
Mr. Klaus Schüler, TYPODROM WERBEAGENTUR GmbH, Radilostr. 43, 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany is responsible for the journalistic and editorial contents of this website as defined by § 55 Sec. 2 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty.

We at TYPODROM WERBEAGENTUR GmbH have prepared the contents of this website with the greatest care. We assume no warranty, nor do we grant any guarantee that the contents are accurate, complete or current.

1. Liability for data contained on the website
According to the German Interstate Tele Media Treaty, we as service providers are responsible for our own contents in line with generally applicable legislation. We can only be held responsible for extraneous information which we have imparted or to which we have given access for the purpose of utilization if we have caused the transmission to be made, have selected the recipient of the imparted information and have selected or altered the data imparted.
However, we must neither monitor extraneous information nor investigate whether certain conditions might indicate an unlawful activity with respect to this information. Our duty to remove contents or block the exploitability of information under certain circumstances persists as determined with general laws. In any case, however, we can only be held responsible from the time at which we have been made aware of a concrete violation of a law. Once such circumstances have come to our attention, we will naturally remove any contents that violate laws immediately. Liability claims against us which refer to material or non-material damages caused by the utilization or non-utilization of the contents on offer here and/or by the utilization of faulty or incomplete contents are excluded as a matter of principle unless it can be proven that we are guilty of willful or grossly negligent misconduct. We assume liability for damages caused in a grossly negligent manner only to the extent of the foreseeable and attributable damage in each case. We assume no liability for damages caused by slightly negligent conduct unless it is a case where such damages have arisen as a result of personal injury, bodily harm or damage to health or as a result of an infringement of important contractual obligations. Even then we can only be held responsible to the extent of the damage which we can foresee and which can be attributed to us. All the above mentioned liability limitations shall only be applicable in as far as they are not prohibited for mandatory statutory reasons.

2. Liability for links
The contents of this website may contain links to external websites. At the time we created these links we checked these websites for statutory violation and ascertained that at that moment in time there was no indication of any such violation. Due to the lack of our capability to exercise influence, we shall also not be held responsible for the contents of linked websites or for their current and future design or for their copyrights. Merely for reasons of precaution we explicitly dissociate ourselves from any information contained in linked websites which have been amended after the linking procedure. Responsibility for this is taken by the respective service provider and/or the operator of such external websites. We cannot reasonably be expected to permanently monitor the contents of such websites even if there is actual evidence of statutory violations.
We will naturally remove such links immediately once such statutory violations in the linked websites come to our attention.

The data on this website can consist of texts, illustrations, videos and other objects. We place it at your – the user’s – disposal free of charge and exclusively for informative purposes. The contents may possibly include in part or in their entirety our own copyrights or other proprietary rights or the comparable rights of third parties. Overall, the contents of this website may only be used by you – the user – to such an extent as is absolutely necessary for such use. Downloads and copies of the contents may only be made for private purposes. Using the contents above and beyond these purposes for commercial purposes, in particular – but not limited to – saving, copying, altering, distributing, making available to the public, licensing or assigning the contents and services made available on this website is strictly prohibited unless we have given you prior written permission to do so after you have informed us of your explicit intentions and of the express form of utilization.

Using the contact data, such as our postal address, telephone number or e-mail address, as publicized in the framework of this this legal notice or comparable details, to send us unsolicited information is not permissible. We expressly reserve the right to take legal steps if this prohibition is violated, in particular against the senders of so-called spam e-mails.

Kai Löhde Kai Löhde

Management Board
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Klaus Schüler Klaus Schüler

Management Board
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